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Made of 100% quality nylon, the Bottom’s Up Leash™ is a supportive rear-end dog harness/leash designed to assist animals with hind leg problems, i.e. broken bones, arthritis, hip dysplasia and other skeletal or muscular conditions. This product is unlike any other dog harness or leash available on the market today. It is very simple to put on and take off; dogs get adjusted to using it very quickly; it is comfortable and will not chafe or harm your pet; and it is endorsed by a long list of veterinarians. The Bottom’s Up™ Leash takes the animal’s weight off its hind legs.

By lifting slightly on the leash, the pet owner can control the amount of weight that is being placed on the animal’s legs while walking and going up and down the stairs; so the leash acts as an effective therapeutic device. The leash also allows the animal to perform bodily functions unencumbered without the need for you to stoop over. For a quick clean-up, remove only the padded neoprene sleeves and wash with soap and water. The leash-harness is adjustable and fits any size dog between 10 and 135 pounds. One size fits all. $54.95

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