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We custom make what you want, high quality things you will not find in Big Box stores. Let us quote your project, we can save money.

The Advantages of Custom-Made

Living in Florida frequently attracts friends and family visits.

With the cost of everything these days, Motel, and Hotel rooms at $300 or more a night and hamburgers at $9.00 to $12.00 we find many people are very interested in finding the space or a way to accommodate them with a place to stay during their visit. The problem is there is no place for them to sleep.

Often a room could make a home office and an additional place to sleep. if it tacks a closet, we can include a small closet as part of a bunk or murphy bed and all on the same wall, another space saver.

Following are examples of how 888Bunkbed has helped people solve those problems in spaces they never considered as the space they could use.

We custom make for the space you have including delivery and set up and can include the mattress.


Customer comments

We see the same things that you see when researching bunk beds, loft beds murphy bunk beds murphy wall beds or custom closets. They show you how big they are and what they have premade that you might like. It arrives in boxes, and you go from there.

We have the experience we design, build deliver and set up what we build. 14 years bunk and foft beds, 6 years murphy bunk or wall beds and custom closets,

With today’s technology we can design and quote your request using text, e-mail, photos, and face time. Our difference is we design and build what you want, not what we may have already built so you get what you want, and it is better built.

We will ask you for a rough sketch of a room showing doors, windows, closets, and wall measurements so we can send you a drawing and photos showing how things will fit in your space and may even give you additional ideas you may not have considered Once we are on the same page, we will quote and give you a time frame.

What looks perfect place for a bed may appear impossible but if your mattress will fit the space, we can build what you want to fit there. Sometimes the space will require a mattress a few inches shorter or narrower which will still allow a good night’s sleep, we can do that and the mattress. If you have taller needs, we also build for an XL mattress, 80” or XXL mattress at 84” at the same price asa regular 75” mattress.

Kids rooms always seem to be long on ideas and short on space. Maybe a desk, bookcase, storage, play area and a place to sleep. A twin over something larger with drawers or a trundle under it is one way. We offer other options such as loft beds with other useful space saving options under the bed.

We have a loft bed design that can be easily converted to a twin over twin bunk bed if the family size changes. We can build you a loft bed with a fold down Murphy bed and desk under it. The Murphy bed can be folded down if another
sleep space is needed. And when the Murphy is folded up there is a great desk to do all kinds of things on. This will usually cover all the bases.

Contact us to discuss your project to see what we can do for you, it’s free


We also offer additional options to make the bunk bed experience
more pleasant.

One is the lack of space between the top and bottom bed. With many of them you have to kind of roll into the bottom bunk, then you cannot sit up without bumping your head on the bed above. We build so you can sit up in the top and bottom bunks and not bump the bed above or the ceiling with a standard 8’ ceiling. If your ceiling is more then 8’ we can even do better.

Another is bunk beds require safety rails on both sides of the top bed to prevent rolling out of the bed. The problem is that top safety rail is 72” off the floor and having to reach over that top safety rail to make the top bed is a real challenge.

To help with that we make a lift off safety rail, lift the rail off, make the bed and return it. Moms love it.

Also, in the top bunk there is no place to set stuff, TV remote, cellphone | pad etc. so we make an upper bunk hook on caddy shelf which will hook on any where around the bed, inside or outside to set stuff on.

Last, we build with a pillow blocking rung at both ends of the top bed. It may not sound important but if you have ever been in the top bunk and lost your pillow over the end during the night your options are sleep without it or craw! down and retrieve it’s, no fun.

I have attached copy showing you these options.