Free Virtual Training with Tami Gingrow
Unlock the Secrets of an OptimaL

Winter Wellness Webinar Series

How to Master Healthy Holiday Habits and beyond

What You’ll Learn:

How to create a morning routine to set yourself up for success, This is one of the most powerful decisions you will ever make. It impacts every single area of your life. A morning routine consists of Breathing, Yoga/movemnet and Meditation.

Build your own 100% natural herbal medicine cabinet. Learn to enhance & support your immune system so you develop resilience and naturally fend off bacteria & viruses.

Develop a relationship with your food. Fuel your body and your spirit with warming, immune building recipes. Learn how to transform  holiday classics to add more nutrition without sacrificing the flavor.

Optimize your health with winter warmer elixirs which pack a bold punch with soothing, delicious, healing, fragrant hot beverages.

Spend quality time in nature every day! Nature is medicine.

Choose to take 100% responsibility for your health and well being! When you commit to Take Action, it results in the freedom to create the life you have only dreamed of…..UNTIL NOW! Invoke your Vision.  Own your Destiny.  Holistic Winter Wellness is a step towards Wholeness….Your thoughts and the information you take in daily, creates the results in your life. Let’s ReLease the fear, doubt and stories that have blocked you. Declare your Vision. Manifest your Dreams.

This is for you If..

You want to increase your daily productivity, achieve consistency in your results, build long-term sustained success by creating healthy habits NOW that will carry over the course of time.

You want to have freedom and peace of mind

You CHOOSE to be 100% responsible for being optimally healthy this holiday habits and beyond

You are ready and willing to commit to a targeted morning routine.

You want to learn to be your own doctor using your natural medicine cabinet.

You are ready to transform your relationship with food. Food is medicine. Include Winter Warming Elixirs every day.

You are ready to create time in nature every single day…rain, snow or shine.

About Tami Gingrow

My path has been one of continual learning about OptimaL Holistic Health and Wellness. I have been dedicated to sharing healthy lifestyle choices for more than 30 years. From the time I was a teenager, I felt a strong calling to help others heal and live their best life by openly sharing my own healing processes.

One Undeniable Truth I’ve discovered…. Transformation is always occurring.

Learning to Embrace and be the Master of the Changes and My Own Energy Field is a key to OptimaL Holistic Health.I have collected and curated many tools to support and guide you on your Journey to OptimaL Health, Freedom and Joy.

I have studied many healing modalities over 3 decades. Most recently I have become a Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork Facilitator through Venus Rising University and a Sacred Practitioner and Coach With IHS Unity, Currently, I am studying with Quantum University to be a Doctor of Integrative Medicine, and I am studying Sociocracy, an egalitarian way for those who associate together to make decisions together.

It is an honor to support you and  become your accountability partner as you commit to employ new habits that will have you Feeling Restored, Energized and Radiant so you can show up fully for Your-Self, Your loved ones, Your passions, Your career, and to be the best you can BE in All of your relationships.

We are at the precipice of the Greatest Awakening and Transformation in Human History….