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Advanced Menu and Production Software

Clinical Dietetic Software for Dietitians

A Day in the Life of an RD using the ML Clinical Dietetic System

Follow along to see how our automation simplifies the RD workflow, increasing productivity and improving patient care.

Transforming How RDs Work in Acute Healthcare

MenuLogistics created a workbench strictly for the use of clinical dietitians. Development was supported by following the Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics guidelines, incorporating all eNCPT codes to ensure standardization of documentation and regulatory compliance.  The system comes equipped with a unique set of functionalities that truly improve dietitian workflows, allow more face to face time with patients and in return get patients better, faster. 

The 4 Key Results of Utilizing the System Include:

Our System

Clinical Dietetic Workbench

Streamlining the clinical nutrition process to improve RD performance & patient outcomes.

Food Service Automation

Using integrated intelligence to provide maximum efficiencies.

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